Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Enterprise Library Exhibition

Over the last few weeks the library division has been hosting its latest exhibition called "The History of the Enterprise", librarian Nexus300 Resident put together the event which is taking place at the ground floor of the GFC's HQ building.

The exhibition gives a brief history of some of the enterprise ships which have been seen in the star trek series. On entering the event the first thing you'd probably notice are all the pictures of crew who have commanded one of those versions of the ships in the films or series.

Circling  the trek fleet emblem on the floor are glass cases each holding a fan made model of a version of the enterprise with a description board placed behind it detailing some information about each ship. The models are extremely well made and very detailed.

If your a trek fan in Secondlife pop down while this little exhibition lasts and remember some of the cool Enterprise ships which have left space dock and boldly gone where no man has gone before.

If you have a Secondlife Account: Location HERE

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