Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bi-Annual Summer Ball 2014 - Klingon

The time of awards and promotions have come round once again and on Saturday 12th July 2014 there most important thing wasn't some World Cup 3rd - 4th place match but our Bi annual award ceremony where members were honoured for their contributions to secondlife's GalaxyFleetCommand sci-fi trek inspired group.

The ball is held twice a year and highlights members accomplishments through a variety of award and ranked promotions.

The theme for this summers ball was klingon, to publicise the event in world Jd Matova from the communications division supplied an advertising display unit and Jen Johnson (Jailan Resident) built and scripted an countdown board which showed how long in days, minutes and second before the ball, what was really cool was the feature that not only showed the presented this in english but every few second displayed the countdown in klingon.

social events division set about organising the event, Richmerk Resident and his team of ..... created an elaborate klingon set with huge statues, red carpets and klingon inspired furniture for seating and stage. The senior fleet admirals Katrina Bixby and Cobramax Mechanique had chairs placed at each side of the raised stage where they could oversee the crowd below. In the middle of the stage was podium for announcements and speeches, either side stands for those who were coming up to receive their awards to wait for their names to be called.

The event started with snapper desade standing at the podium welcoming members to the ball in full klingon regalia. Over the land audio stream a recording made by cobra and Katrina played where they talked about the klingon race, the recording can be heard below

Pictures Courtesy of BlackPhantomVeil Resident

Once the recording was finished the giant doors of the ceremony room burst open and little rp story played out in true klingon style full of intrigue, threats, love and waving of bat'leth, the script of the rp can be read here -->

Picures Courtesy of Robboby McMillan
Once the rp had finished the backwall of the stage rose up and reviewed debbydo and richmerk performed a special Klingon dance, one of which you've never seen the likes of and would have made General Martol cry into his bloodwine declaring that the klingon dancing like ballerinas was enough reason to challenge all concerned to a dual with the sharpest weapon in the house.

The wall came back down and Admiral Cobramax Mechanique stood at the stage podium and called out the names of those who receiving awards and promotions to come up in alphabetical order in groups of about 10 at a time to say a few words and thank people for the recognition. Around 60 members were recognised for the activities in the group and at its peak there were 52 people present at the event.

As the last person stepped down to receive their recognition,  roleplay mission commander (those who run rps in the group) came on the stage one at a time to recognise those people who had attended the many rps which are held at the GFC over the last 6 months.

Cobramax close the ball by thanking the members and as with tradition attendees spend the next few hows dancing the night away.

It has to be  one of the most memorable balls ever, from the gorgeous set, rp and klingon dance. Congratulations for those who contributed to the creation of the event, those who attending and those who won awards and promotion.



Vice Admiral - Emilie DeSantis 
Vice Admiral - Sereana Westland
Commodore - Dave Fearguis
Commodore - MJ Mathy
Captain - Songlord Resident
Commander - Jailan Resident
Commander - Monkeyman Firethorn
lieutenant Commander - Ai Kikuchiyo
lieutenant Commander - Penelopeperil
lieutenant Junior Grade - benjamin brougham
lieutenant Junior Grade - Braxx Juventa 
lieutenant Junior Grade - kylie Shergood 
lieutenant Junior Grade - ldng
lieutenant Junior Grade - Silke Horten
lieutenant Junior Grade - Tod Vlodovic
lieutenant Junior Grade - Melodyparis Resident
lieutenant Junior Grade - Nathen Rexen 
lieutenant Junior Grade - Renari Ishtari

Galaxy Star

Ai kikuchiyo - Strat Ops
Andromeda Quonset - Command
BlueAgate Resident - Medical
Braxx Juventa - Library
Cobramax Mechanique - Strat Ops
Debbydo - SE, Engineering, Command
Falo Priestman - Command
isilmeriel resident - Research, Engineering
Jailan Resident - Research
JD Matova - Command
Kieran Braveheart - Strat Ops
ldng - Library, Recruitment
Penelopeperil - Strat Ops
Razor Indigo - Strat Ops
Richardjrn Weatherwax - SE, Research
Richmerk - Recruitment, Engineering, Command
Shannan Oxygen - Strat Ops
Snapper Desade - Recruitment, Command
Songlord Resident - Strat Ops
Sophie Johnson - Strat Ops
timo McMillan - Command
Wolferein Foxdale - Research, Engineering, Command

Legion of merit

Braxx Juventa - Library
Elitezz Resident - Strat Ops
Jailan Resident - Research, Engineering
ldng - Library, Recruitment
Melodyparis Resident - Strat Ops
Michel Rosenstrauch - AAC
Monkeyman Firethorn - AAC
Razor Indigo - Medical
Richardjrn Weatherax - Engineering
Richmerk - Recruitment
rsd58 Congrejo - Recruitment
Silke Horten - Command
Snapper Desade - Recruitment
Stephanie Shade - Recruitment
Wolferein Foxdale - SE


Angelis Bourne - GalaxyRadio
batlhtlhutlh - Medical
benjamin brougham - Recruitment
BlueAgate Resident - AAC
BunE Rabbit - Tactical
Dave Fearguis - Recruitment
Emilie DeSantis - AAC
Gimonia Horten - Comms
JD Matova - DO
Luca Rio - AAC
lillian Aries - Medical
Melodyparis Resident - Academy
Michel Rosenstrauch - DO
MJ Mathy - Recruitment
Moonglow - Tactical
Nathen Rexen - Tactical
nbvj1435 - Medical
Razor Indigo - Medical
Richmerk - GalaxyRadio
Sereana Westland - AAC
Snapper Desade - SE 
Stephanie Shade - AAC
Sylvia Celestine - AAC


Melodyparis Resident - Medical, Academy
Razor Indigo - Medical
Renari Ishtari - Academy
Stephanie Shade - AAC
Timol McMillan - Security


Dynastar - Comms
Greayson - Comms
Josh40787 Eun - Academy
Keri Summers - Comms
marystuart4 - Security
Melodyparis Resident - Medical, Academy
elitezz Resident - Tactical
PenelopePeril - Security
Phedre Aonifall - AAC
Renari Ishtari - Academy
Shadow McConach - Tactical
Sophie Johnson - Security
Stuka Enyo - Tactical

Red Crest

Braxx Juventa - Library
lillian Aries - Medical
Marystuart4 - Medical
Michel Rosenstrauch - AAC
Isra Laval - Comms
Phedre Aonifall - AAC

For more pictures click HERE
Pictures Courtesy of 
BlackPhantomVeil Resident