Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Winter Ball 2013

The time for promotions, medals, speeches, fireworks and dancing has come round again, the 2013 Bi-Annual ball is again amongst us, the bi-yearly event awards member for their hard work in the fleet by handing out promotion and medals.

For this years winter ball the theme was andoria (ice planet from star trek enterprise series) with the tag line "Make it snow", the social events team put together a ice cave set, the tables and chairs were fashion in an icy design and a dance floor ice rink was place at the other side of the room, plus a bar for those who just wanted to chill out and take a seat whilst knocking back some serious liquor.

The ball started with an announcement by JD Matova stating the senior admirals will be delayed, Snapper Desade interjected to tell the attendees that a message had been sent and to turn on their sim land stream to listen to the message which is re-produced below.
Winter ball audio speech 2013

Once the message was played Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby & Admiral Cobramax Mechanique were teleported down to the event and the Admiral started the proceeding by calling up members to deliver their speech of the awards and promotions they have been given. Over 50 members had been up for award or promotions, many turned up to stand at the podium and read their acceptance speeches to the audience which tops over 50 people.

Once all the speeches had been done, members and guest went outside for a photoshoot, chairs and stands had been erected for a group photo which, apart from handing a copy of the picture to those who were there, plans were also are to have the photo placed in a time capsule which was on display. Members will be able to drop items in the capsule and we can look back at it in a few years to see what the group was like in 2013.

Keeping with tradition there was a spectacular firework display to close the general proceedings with an bang and then it was back to the andoria set and the dance floor to boogie out the rest of the night.

We would like to congratulate those who received award for their great work over the last 6 months and hope the guest who also attending had a great time as well. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the summer ball 2014.

More Pictures below

Enhanced picture (lightened) HERE
Original unaltered pictures HERE
All pictures taken by 
blackphantomveil Resident


Angelis Bourne  - RAdm - Medical, GRadio
Azalyna Resident - Ltjg - Strat Ops
Ai kikuchiyo - Lieutenant - Strat Ops, Medical, Academy
blackphantomveil Resident - Ltjg - Medical, Academy
BlueAgate Resident - Ltjg - Strat Ops, Medical, AAC, Academy
Debbydo - Captain - Tactical, SE, ENG, Command, GRadio
Deepthoughtfortytwo resident - Ltjg - Strat Ops, CDO, Personnel, ENG
Emilie DeSantis - RAdm - AAC
Gimonia Horten - VAdm - Comms
Isilmeriel resident - Ltjg - Research, SE, ENG, Academy
Jailan Resident - LtCmdr - Research
JD Matova - Admiral - DO
Kendra - Commander - Strat Ops, Medical
Kieran Braveheart - Captain - Strat Ops
Langy - Lieutenant - Tactical, Strat Ops, Research, SE, ENG, Academy
Lillian Aries - Commodore - Medical, Academy
Michel Rosenstrauch - Captain - AAC, Security, DO
Monkeyman Firethorn - LtCmdr - AAC
Penelopeperil Resident - Lieutenant - Strat Ops, Medical
Penny Billstrom - Lieutenant - Academy
Richardjrn Weatherwax  - Commodore - Research, ENG
Richmerk Resident - Lieutenant - Research, Personnel, ENG, GRadio
rsd58 congrejo - LtCmdr - CDO, Personnel
Snapper Desade - VAdm - CDO, Personnel, SE, GRadio
Songlord Resident - Commander - Strat Ops, Academy
Sophie Johnson - Commander - Strat Ops, GRadio, Security
timo McMillan - VAdm - Command
Unadecal Arado - LtCmdr - Command
Wolferein Foxdale - Ltjg - Personnel, SE, ENG


Ai kikuchiyo - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops
Ai kikuchiyo  - Commendation - Medical
Andromeda Quonset - Legion of Merit - Command
Angelis Bourne - Meritorious - Academy
Angelis Bourne - Legion of Merit - SE, ENG
Angelis Bourne - Commendation - GRadio
Azalyna Resident - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops
Ben Broughman - Galaxy Star - ENG
blackphantomveil Resident  - Commendation - Academy
BlueAgate Resident - Legion of Merit - Medical
BlueAgate Resident - Meritorious - AAC
BlueAgate Resident - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops, Medical
Braxx Juventa - Achievement - Library
BunE Rabbit - Commendation - Tactical
BunE Rabbit - Red Crest - CDO, Medical
Cobramax Mechanique - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops, AAC
Crystal Kross - Commendation - SE
Culama Foxclaw  - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops
Debbydo - Commendation - Academy
Debbydo - Meritorious - GRadio, Academy
Debbydo - Legion of Merit - Tactical
Debbydo - Galaxy Star - Command, SE, ENG
Deepthoughtfortytwo resident - Legion of Merit - CDO, Personnel
Deepthoughtfortytwo resident - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops, CDO, Personnel, ENG
Dustin Sunflower - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops
Dustin sunflower  - Meritorious - SE, AAC
Emilie  DeSantis - Commendation - AAC
Emilie DeSantis - Meritorious - AAC
Farodin Rhiadra - Meritorious - Comms
Gimonia Horten - Legion of Merit - Comms, Security
Gokyu Ugajin - Commendation - Tactical
Gokyu Ugajin - Legion of Merit - AAC
Gokyu Ugajin - Meritorious - AAC
Hoshi Tamura - Legion of Merit - Research
Isilmeriel resident - Galaxy Star - Research, ENG
Isilmeriel resident  - Legion of Merit - SE
Isilmeriel Resident -  Achievement - Academy
Isra Laval - Meritorious - Comms
JackieIslander - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops
Jailan Resident - Galaxy Star - Research
JD Matova - Meritorious - DO
JD Matova - Legion of Merit - Command
jeni beresford - Legion of Merit - Comms
Joshua Humbridge - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops
Kendra - Meritorious - AAC
Kendra - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops
Kieran Braveheart - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops
Kaori Juliesse - Meritorious - AAC
Kethri - Meritorious - AAC
Kevin Ballard - Commendation - Comms
Langy - Legion of Merit - Tactical
Langy Moorlord - Commendation - Academy
Langy - Galaxy Star - Tactical, Strat Ops, Research, SE, ENG
lillian Aries - Galaxy Star - Command
lillian Aries - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops, Academy
Lithian Kross - Legion of Merit - SE
littleastro - Meritorious - AAC
Meganray byron - Legion of Merit - CDO
Michel Rosenstrauch - Legion of Merit - AAC
Michel Rosenstrauch - Meritorious - AAC, Security
Michel Rosenstrauch  - Commendation - DO
MJ Mathy - Commendation - SE
MJ Mathy - Legion of Merit - ENG
Monkeyman Firethorn - Commendation - AAC
Monkeyman Firethorn - Meritorious - AAC
Penelopeperil Resident  - Commendation - Medical
Penelopeperil Resident - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops
Penelopeperil Resident - Red Crest - CDO, Medical
RazorIndigo - Commendation - Medical
RazorIndigo - Achievement - Medical
RazorIndigo - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops
RazerIndigo - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops
Richardjrn Weatherwax - Legion of Merit - Tactical, SE
Richardjrn Weatherwax - Galaxy Star - Tactical, Research, ENG, Command
Richmerk Resident  - Legion of Merit - Personnel
Richmerk Resident  - Meritorious - GRadio
Richmerk Resident - Galaxy Star - Research, Personnel, ENG
rsd58 congrejo - Legion of Merit - CDO, Personnel
Sereana Westland - Commendation - AAC
Sereana Westland - Meritorious - AAC
Sereana Westland - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops
snapper Desade - Legion of Merit - Tactical, CDO, Personnel
snapper Desade - Galaxy Star - CDO, Personnel, SE, Command
snapper Desade - Commendation - GRadio
snapper Desade - Meritorious - AAC, Academy
Sadbrb Resident  - Legion of merit - Strat Ops
Sodax Xeltentat - Galaxy Star - Command
Songlord Resident - Meritorious - Academy
Songlord Resident - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops, SE, Command
Songlord Resident - Red Crest - Command
Sophie Johnson - Galaxy Star - Strat Ops
Sophie Johnson - Meritorious - GRadio
Sophie Johnson - Legion of Merit - Security
timo McMillan - Legion of Merit - Command
tomarax davidov - Achievement - Recruitment
Tony Billstrom  - Meritorious - Security
Wolfierein Foxdale  - Legion of Merit - Personnel
Wolferein Foxdale - Galaxy Star - Personnel, SE, ENG
Yaz - Meritorious - SE
Yaz - Legion of Merit - Strat Ops

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