Monday, 18 November 2013

USS Magis+er bridge unvailed

A new bridge set has been introduced to the GFC by Strategic Operations newest games master Langy moorland. Part of a games masters job is to create new concepts for roleplaying in the group, within his first week in the position he's started by creating a bridge which doesn't just have the usual buttons you press which go bleep and make sounds, but he's included the ability to add random elements of chance to events which can happen in the rp.

Normally in an rp members would add to the story as they roleplay, if they add a scenario like the aliens aren't friendly and the captain wanted the aliens to be friendly, you'd have a dilemma, or if your ship gets hit, how much damage would you take or would you even be fired on in the first place.

By using elements of chance, like true or false, rolling numbers between 1-10/1-100 you can an add these to the roleplay and change the outcome to an extent, even the mission commander of the roleplay may not know how it pans out, which gives a fresh feel to rping in the group. It also allows for the opportunity to have an rp which ends in your mission being a failure, so your not sure how successful your going to be when you start.

Also the set gives a good opportunity to teach members about rping, what stations are available on the bridge and how to rp at them, Langy is putting together a tutorial for rpers to learn from.

A few of us have already tried out the set and played with the random elements and found the whole experience fun and a breath of fresh air and look forward to seeing how people rp on the set in the future.

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Just for laugh we recorded a fun video of a few of us  cluelessly rping deliberately badly in the set, hope it puts a smile on your faces, we had fun doing it.

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