Monday, 14 October 2013

General Meeting at Autumn park

This week the general meeting was transferred from its usual location at the Roddenberry hall to a specially made area in the autumn park scene.

Benches were laid down for people to sit on and depending where you sat  the bench featured a cool animation of you sitting with a laptop balanced on your knee.  As it was an autumn scene with a Halloween flavour pumpkins and scarecrows where placed around the location.

The usual chair & co-chair seats were replaced by replicas of captain kirks chair from the original series, the co-chair got to sit in a version of captain pikes chair. What most people didn't know was if you pressed a button at the back of the pike chair it would turn on the yes & no lights as seen in the series.

It was once again a fun scene set up by social events & engineering and a nice change of location for doing the general meeting.

More Photo's --> HERE

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