Friday, 2 August 2013

Moon Landing 44th Anniversary

You know how it is, an event happens and you say, i'll get round to writing that article, tomorrow, then the next day and so forth until you totally forget and your  memory is jogged into action by seeing some pictures laying around. The anniversary of the moon landing was such an event, 44 years ago on July 21st 1969 the first man stepped on the moon or a sounds stage depending on what you believe.

Richmerk resident, Wolferein Foxdale and Isilmeriel resident did great work on creating a moon surface environment in the phoenix station holodeck for social events. On entering you'd walk down a small corridor to a welcoming area which had information on a board about the moon landing which you could quickly link to acquire some knowledge about the event.

Available were free space suits to wear, a free anti-grav walking system to give you the feeling your were bouncing around in zero gravity and a captain proton/classic flash gordon like space ship to own and fly around in.

A small video screen was put up playing a short video on the land media stream of the moon landing and a link to NasaTV.

Ordinarily you wouldn't want to have a party in a place with no atmosphere ( groan ) but that didn't stop members celebrating, I have to say its an odd sight seeing people in space suits getting down to the groove with some interstella dance moves.

To get everyone into the mood the general meeting was held up on the moon set, chairs in the shape of satellite dishes were placed and a podium constructed for those coming up and giving their divisions and RP reports.

It can be truly said that the event was out of this world, probably see you next year for the big 45th anniversary.

For more pictures click --> HERE

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