Saturday, 3 August 2013

Michael Ansara (Kang) 1922 - 2013

Earlier in the week actor Michael Ansara who was known for his role as Kang one of the very first klingons seen in star trek died at the honorable age of 91 (probably quite long for a klingon).

Michael Ansara played Kang in 3 episodes of star trek spanning 3 different trek series which is quite a feat. He first appeared in

Day of the Dove - Video Trailer
Blood Oath  - Full DS9 Season 2x19  (region permitting) 
Flashback - Full Voyager Season 3x2 (region permitting)

He also appeared as a totally different character playing Lwaxana Troi's husband in a deeps space nine episode from season 4.
The Muse DS9 Season 4x21 (region permitting)

Trailers - Day of the dove, Blood OathFlashback & The Muse

May he rest in stovokor 

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