Saturday, 6 July 2013

4th July 2013 Event

Most countries have a national holiday of some sort and one of the most famous throughout the world is American Independence Day which is held on the 4th of July every year.

For those who live under a rock with no sunlight and knowledge of the world, it was the day America (or not so it seems) declared their independence from the british in 1776....yeah, over 200 years ago.

Not only is it a holiday, but a good excuse for people to spend time with family members, its popular, if not in some households expected to drag the barbecue out of the shed or garage, break all fire hazard rules and throw some grilled meat on the fire.  Hotdogs and a cold beer are also very traditional food and beverage consumed by those celebrating ID4 day. There would also be parades, picnics and a variety of public events and not forgetting of course the firework displays which light up the sky.

4th of july isn't only just limited to the real world, we celebrated it in the virtual world of secondlife aswell. Wolfie and Rick Merk had laid down banners, tables and chairs, free hats, flags and sparklers were available to pick up on Sovereign beach for those who wanted to come down and have some fun, music was playing and people came and danced, Songlord put on a really cool firework display in the middle of the lake where we had a giant statue of liberty. Gooveshark101 added a dance floor and some lights he also sailed people round the lake in his speedboat giving them a different view of the fireworks going off.

Debbydo & Social Events made sure there was someone on hand so the event ran for around 12 hours, if you had popped into the GFC yesterday there was a good chance you could have partaken in the festivities. As many people as possible where given a chance to at least be part of the occasion irrespective what time zone they were in.

Photos of the event        --> HERE

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Video about 4th July       --> HERE

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