Monday, 8 July 2013

The Sandbox

The Sandbox.....

The Aeon Sandbox is one of many places for Builder's Inventor's and People With Idea's. What make's a Sandbox a Sandbox and why have a Sandbox In the First Place?

Today we Look Into The Sandbox and How and why we have it!

The Sandbox a Majestic Place New Recruit's Come to Relax and Build But Not Alway's is it New Recruit's Sometime's Other's Come. People From All over Second Life Come to this Paradise of Sand to Unpack Object's, Build, And Be Creative! Most of the Time You Will See People Coming in by The Main Entry Shown in this Image.

When You See a New Person Say Hi or Give a Wave. Sadly Some New People Only come to Unpack Stuff But Once in a BlueMoon You May Meet someone Nice you Never know, Often you Will See Recruit's Here. Take Time to Meet People and Share Creative Idea's Ask The Recruit if they Need Help or Just Hang With then and Get to know Them You never Know you may have Common Interest's.


The Security and Duty Officer Board

This Board Contain's The basic Rule's All GFC Sims. The Duty Officer Panel Next to It Show's Any Duty Officer On Duty. 

Duty Officer's Can Give Tour's Inform People about The Sims. 

Group Suggestion Board

This Panel is Used to Give Suggestions on How the GFC Can Improve and Make a Trek Experience Better as it is Recruit's That For the Future for the GFC.

On Duty Status Board

The On Duty Status Board's show all Officer's Signed in For Duty on the Specified Division's. The Board's Shown are For Library, CDO, Personnel, Medical, and Academy.
The Board's Are a Great way to Get Those on duty to help get you thru the GFC and Help Grow your Learning Though the Division's and become more Aware of You're Status inside the Group.

Ajax Pre-Briefing Area

To the North-East Corner of the Sandbox is The U.S.S Ajax Pre-Briefing Area Each Week at 6:15 the Ajax Crew Meet's Here to learn Something New About a Starship and how the System's Operate. Join Admiral Cobramax Mechanique For a New Mission Weekly

RP Log's Sign

Here Over By the Ajax Area We Look to find the Mission Log's &  Record Kept for GFC RP.

The GFC Weapon's Testing Area

Usually Weapon's Are to be Holstered on All GFC Sim's But Not in This Area You Can Shoot Target's you Set Up and Test New Weapon's you a Have Created. Builder's Are Warned This Area is Hot with Firing Action. Discretion when Building Here is To Be Used With Caution!! *Remember to Holster You're Weapon's When Disembarking the Weapon's Area*

The Sandbox Is a Place to Meet Greet and Find New Friend's This Area is Open to All and Everyone Can build Explore and Check Out This Wondrous Desert in Aeon. Remember to Pick Up your Stuff and Keep our Sand Free of Lost Prim's

J Aries- Reporting for GFC News

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