Sunday, 14 April 2013

GFC Hunt

Welcome to the  'Out Of This World'  GFC Hunt.

Over 3 sims, Galaxy, Sovereign and Aeon ( Constellation not included)
I have places boxes with letters on them. There are 12 boxes in total, 4 boxes on each sim.

The boxes will never be found inside structures, ships etc. All will be places on land, and of course it will vary between  in view and hidden...lol

When all 12 boxes are collected, you must rearrange them to spell out our winning word or words.
Each box will be named, as to give you a clue as to what the word or words might be pertaining to.
The word or words are pertaining to something that is commonly known in Star Trek, and its part of the equipment you might commonly see in episodes, or mentioned in episodes of most genres.

Is it a dilithium crystal? or maybe a escape pod? could be a transporter, hmmm who knows.....lol

( As an example... if the winning word was Disney...I would have named the boxes...Goofy, Mickey, animation, cartoon etc...you get the idea )

Included is a sample of what the boxes will look like. and the size of each box will be 02 x 0.2 x x0.2

As this is a sample, it is not part of the actual hunt....

The hunt will be on Sunday,  April 14th, starting at 12 noon SLT time (PDT). The first person to  come to the Aeon  sandbox and rezz all 12 letters and place them in correct order to spell out winning word or words wins.

 The prize is  Kindly donated by Langy Xiuhcoatl, and its a beautiful  Peregrine style fighter ship.

 You can read about this type of ship  at the the links below...



We do hope you have fun with this hunt, and I want to thank all involved for their support and help..
Langy Xiuhcoatl, Snapper Desade, Debbydo Resident. and Zannadu Resident.

Lieutenant Jg, Six of Nine, 
Assist Lead for SE.

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