Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Star Trek: Into The Darkness #3

As May 9th ebbs closer and for those who don't know its the release date for the latest Star Trek movie "Into The Darkness" another trailer to tease us has been released to the universe, is it better than the previous ones, that's for you to decide. It certainly gives you slightly more of an insight into the story and the ship the enterprise has to do battle with looks like it could kick it into touch with nothing more that a slight smudge ot its wing.

The new Star Trek computer game is also being released in conjunction with the movie and they were able to rope in William Shatner to appear in the advert reprising his battle with the Gorn.
Check out the link HERE.

For a bit of fun a lego version of the previous trailer called "Into the Brickness" is worth a watch for a good laugh.

Previous "Into The Darkness Trailers"

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2. Second Trailer.
3. First Trailer.

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