Friday, 12 April 2013

The Crimson Sidewider

This week we got to name one of the Red Squadrons exclusive ships in the AAC which was built and scripted by Jin Tao, each squadron which includes  the beginners Sigma (Green) squad and advanced Nova (Blue) squad will get their own line of exclusive ships, but this Sunday in the AAC event people were given the opportunity to fly an early version of the ship to help see how people thought it would handle. The general consensus was it handled extremely well.

The ship boasted a handful of popular combats systems so it could  dogfight against other ships, this included vice and pcs. In addition is also been equipped with JCS which is a system richardjm Weatherwax has developed and is used in a variety of systems already in the group, the advantage of using something like this is that its easier to change aspects of the system to fit the groups needs as its essentially built in house.

Also by including a API it will allow other scripters (programmers) the ability to use the code in their products for the group without needing direct read access to the core script.

These ships look fantastic and have some cool features like the ability to teleport through the sims wormholes plus an awesome explosion effect.

At the WAM (Weekly AAC Meeting) members got the chance to pick and vote on their favourite name for the ship, the only stipulation being it needed to be named after an animal. After throwing a few names out, a little deliberation, the name "Crimson Sidewinder" was considered the most popular.

Members of Red Squadron I'm sure will look forward to tearing up the skies with this little ship, so hold onto your helmet and reach for the stars.

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