Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentine At The GFC 2013

Candles, hearts and love songs can only mean one thing, it was Valentine this week and the GFC celebrated by Social Events throwing a multi-timezone party to give as many people a chance to pop in, find a partner and smooch their way on the dance floor.

Ala Anatine (Alamiga Anatine) had created a beautiful wooden set with chairs for the wallflowers and a central area for people to dance in. She also included an ingenious dance machine. This one was in the shape of a circle divided into about 18 sections with the outer section green for guys and the inner section red for ladies. The idea was the guys would click one of the green sections and ladies the adjoining red one for them to dance with each other. Which part of the circle you clicked determined which part of the dance floor you'd dance on, it took some getting use to but was a good system.
The party kicked off at 11am  with debbydo hosting and warming up the revelers, Snapper Desade and Ala Anatine followed with there stints at the helm to keep the event going for over twelve hours. In that time members popped in, popped out as the Europeans went to bed and the Americans evening started.

We hope everyone had a great time and see you all next valentine.

Pictures of the Event can be viewed HERE

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