Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Bar Beams Down

Like a thief in the night the new bar in phoenix station was slotted in place for all to see. It's a much large area than the previous temp bar that was in place before or Quarks bar in the the other DS19 station. This one is significantly bigger giving more space for dancing  and more options for placing activities around the bar area.

A theater section has been added with genuine type movie seating so people can watch the latest streaming content. Its a distance enough away form the bar so not to interfere with peoples enjoyment there. Movie nights here we come.

From the get go in the design concept was the bar needed to be spacious and not cramp, capable of supporting different area's where people could be doing their own kind of things, but not feel too far away from the central focus point.

The dance floor had been made roomier with a gorgeous sketch like animation on the floor and ceiling which has to be seen. If you look careful at the DJ table you'll notice the legs are actual upright enterprise ships, "So Darn Cool".

Windows surround the room so you get a view looking off into space at ships that maybe docked or flying by, adding a more space like feel to the place, reminding you that though cosy, your still on a space station.

Below the Bar you will find a mall section which will be where vendors can sell an assortment of items. There are 4 ports where ships can dock using the free docking system which will be made available to add to their ship builds allowing pilots and captains to fully immerse themselves into connecting with the station as you would if you really wanted to fly there.  To get to and from the ports you'll find two styles of doors, one a TOS type of sliding door, bring you back to that old 60's feel and another more metallic circular iris type you would have seen in some sci-fi movies. From the Mall floor up to the bar you can't miss the tree's with cube leafs which add something very original to the establishment.

If your ship can't dock then you can always fly into the groups largest hangar bay and make you way up from one of the available lift stops.There's still more work to be done to the area, adding activities and some little touches along the way.

We are happy the way its coming together to create a place people have already said is a nice cosy welcoming area, a nice place to chat, relax, party and hopefully we'll be adding a few surprises, so watch this space in space.

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