Monday, 18 February 2013

New Edition to the Pheonix Station

Wolfie relaxing after all his hard work
Our new recruit C3C Wolferine Foxdale was already on his first task of building a monument for the mall in the Phoenix station, carefully monitored by myself keeping him in line :)

This is just one of the amazing things which have been going on in recent months with the young recruit working a long side cadet Richmerk. Together they have made the phoenix bar and I look forward to holding many events here.

A job well done.

Visit the monument HERE


  1. I notice you failed to make special mention to your own efforts to create a borg cube, as seen in the last photo. Debby do managed to create a borg cube, and then have it textured by some frinedly passer by, next week she moves on to rezzing spheres.

  2. The bar at the Phoenix/Prospero Space Station is a remarkable achievement, and everyone involved in its creation and building deserve our gratitude and kudos. And it’s far more than a mere “bar”, as a walkthrough will reveal. It’s a delightful and appealing socializing spot for everyone. In fact, the entire Space Station and its attendant features, such as the docked ships, nuclear reactor, hangar deck, outside elevator shaft, and various levels of facilities, give this place the look and feel of something very special in GFC. To all involved, nice work!