Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Strategic Operation Lead Sentenced

New Strategic Operations Lead - Phedre Aonifall
The normal way to introduce a new lead would be maybe to send a message out in the chat group or announce it in a Senior officers meeting (SOM) and maybe during the general meeting. For a bit of fun this weekend when Phedre was to be announced the position of Strategic Operations Lead we thought we'd do something different.

As everyone sat down waiting for the General meeting to start a message was sent in the security channel to escort Mrs out of the building and to wait outside. Unfortunately, Phedre is a member of security so heard the message, the plan could have been in tatters, what do you do, cry, scream, throw prims around....nah, just say sod it and carry on regardless.

So Phedre stood outside accompanied by 2 security officers....

Phedre Under  Security Guard
When she was marched in, a mini questioning began, she was asked if she was guilty of applying for the Strat Ops lead position, she testified to her guilt, she was question on whether she would be guilty of helping to create exciting rping events, she affirmed her guilt of trying to do so, with this questioning over she was sentenced for an indefinite time of hard labour as lead of strat ops, to slave away helping and encouraging RP's in the fleet.

Sentence will commence....NOW

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