Thursday, 17 January 2013

Voyager's 18th Birthday RP

This week 18 years ago believe it or not saw the first episode of  Star Trek: Voyager and to celebrate Social Events held an RP to remember that great series.

Mission Report

The USS Voyager after spending time in a Star Fleet museum was given permission to be equip with reduced crew and rendezvous with Savoy Station, but on the way they took a slight detour to a near by asteroid field to take some readings when they notice some strange anomalies and fluctuations appearing on their sensors.

Before they could give a reason for them a old Klingon ship decloaked, demanding the crew to vacate the region or suffer the consequences.

Captain Debbydo informed the Klingon vessel that this region of space is open territory due to the treaty which had been signed years ago. For some reason the Klingon's claimed to be unaware of such a treaty as if they have been lost in time.

The captain informed the Comms officer to send a message to StarFleet and the Klingon empire making them aware of the situation. Though they both sent ships to assist it was unlikely this standoff would last that long. The ship was put on high alert. Engineering was ask to send an undetected probe towards the Klingon ship using a holo-emitters disguised as a small asteroid.

The Klingon captain lost patients and started firing on the ship, the helm took evasive action, swinging the ship round, as the Klingon vessel got closer to the disguised probe its was detonated weakening their shields so that tactical could hit then with a volley of torpedoes.

With the Kingon ships warp capabilities disabled and key areas of their ship damaged voyager was able to leave the region safely and head back to earth no doubt straight into an investigation of want happened.

The next time we see a ship in a museum, maybe we should just admire it and not ask if we can take it out for just one more ride.


Maddie (MaddelineMaye Resident)
Dr.Mexes Snowpaw (mexes Snowpaw)
Sophie Johnson (Hydregion Resident)
Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah Resident)
Richardjrn Weatherwax
Марія Стюарт IV єнот (marystuart4 Resident)
ASTRO ASTROCAT (littleastro Resident)
snapper Desade 

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