Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tactical: Firing Range

Lieutenant JG Sophie Johnson, reporting officer.

*looks at her omnitool* Hmm. It's 11:50...time to get this show on the road.

After finding an excellent firing range - I decided it was time to use it. It was something different after all and I thank LT Michel Rosenstrauch for the wonderful idea!

No-one should ever be relaxed when Snapper has a gun...
- Richardjrn Weatherwax
- Debbydo
- Snapper Desade
- Drravenn
- Ala Anatine
- Scarlet Choce
- Michel Rosenstrauch

There were several rounds and everyone had their turn to impress. I must admit - as the event grew longer, EVERYONE improved. Even the ones that held particular records.

Rich showing us he's just as deadly with a gun as he is with a script.
Current Records:
- Easy: 103pts (held by BunE Rabbit)
- Medium: None set
- Hard: 119pts (held by Sophie Johnson)
- Tricky: 130pts (held by Kal Aie)
- Tough: 219pts (held by Sophie Johnson)

After trying to beat the Easy mode's record several times, we have got a new holder of the record! Congratulations to Michel Rosenstrauch for a new record of 151pts!

I decided to ask Michel to see if she wanted to show the rest of them how it's done. The results are below.
- 169pts - Michel Rosenstrauch with 32 targets hit, 5.281250 average.
- 161pts - Sophie Johnson with 38 targets hit, 4.236845 average.

Ala Anatine grew better and better as the event went on. Starting off with a total of 41pts and finishing off with an impressive 144pts! Congratulations are in order indeed!

It was coming to the end of the event and all the points gathered by people were totaled up.

Final Results:
- 1st: Richardjrn Weatherwax - 815pts
- 2nd: Michel Rosenstauch - 690pts
- 3rd: Sophie Johnson: 679pts
A picture of the winners podium! (Michel, left. Rich, Center. Sophie, Right.)
Event: Target Practice
Location: Tactical Arena, Sovereign
Details: Lead by the Tactical Lead using either Sentinel Drones or a fully functional Firing Range
Time: 12pm - Every Friday


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