Saturday, 26 January 2013

Promotion certificates and achievements

For those who got promotions over the weekend Bi-Annual ball festivities emails have started to arrive in there in boxes.  Myself and debbydo received our certificates and I'm sure many will be decorating their office walls with them.

I've never really done that, I suppose I believe in actions speaking louder than words, so creating or influencing the creation of content and procedures, having then out there available to the group is the greatest display of  all.

Medals and Certificates are a great way to be given a validation and recognition of ones participation in the GFC, but it can never really convey fully what that person has done compared to what someone else has.

I always tell the staff I have in Research "Be judged by your deeds, as no one can take them away from you". If you have created something and its used, then there's no argument about what you have done, if you've signed up lots of people, taught many classes, got good scores at AAC events or Tactical, performed a number of medicals, advised in CDO talks, built something wonderful, scripted something useful, created lovely graphics or media, made a uniform people are wearing. With all those things outs there to be seen and documented, that's something to be wholeheartedly  proud of.

Certificates and medals are great, but for me, knowing someone for instance finds something like the tphud useful or a concept I have been thinking about gets developed and is used in the group even if made by someone else, these are the things which give you the best feelings, medals and certificates are a beautiful way of  appreciating the work someone has done, though a chest full of medals and a wall plastered with certs doesn't unfortunately truly convey what a person has achieved, only their deeds and what they leave behind for people to use, their interactions and activities do.

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