Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Easy Way To Get A Divisional Pic

Have you ever needed a quick background to create a picture for use in one of the divisional boards around the sims or even as a profile pic, or whatever nefarious reason you may want it, but can't find the appropriate divisional background to stand behind.

To help aid in this, a simple background device has been placed in the sandbox, personnel office and the new Quatermaster room in the space station's welcome area.

Its quite simple to use, sit on the texture that says "stand here" and you'll be in a standing position where a background will appear behind you. The default background is the normal GFC logo, but if you want to change it to another divisional logo, you simply click the background and select the divisional logo you need. From here you can zoom your camera in, line up a shot and take a picture of yourself in front if it. Once you step off, the background disappears again.

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