Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tactical Training - Drones

Well, this was certainly unexpected.

Sophie Johnson (me), Little Astro and Dustin Thunderstorm took to the Tactical Arena in Sovereign in light of the recent installation of the Practice Drone rezzer that Gokyu Ugajin placed in there for us.
C1C Little Astro
Lt. JG Sophie Johnson

Armed with a SIS Rapid-Firing Minigun, Little Astro wandered inside. Not knowing that his OIC had other plans. I walked in with my M8 Avenger Assault Rifle, fresh from Mass Effect and charged my Armor's shields. Without sufficient protection, I was sure that Astro would fall to his death - I was soon proved otherwise.

Jedi Master - Dustin Thunderstorm
Dustin quickly followed us in. Drawing his Lightsabre, he was determined to give those Drones a run for their money. He put up a valiant fight but it seemed the drones were resistant to Lightsabre energy - bullets on the other hand - not so much.

Sophie - Shields almost gone...
After taking down numerous drones, Astro and myself began to run out of ammunition. Well, he was - he had a minigun for crying out loud! I also had another excuse to get out of there. My shields needed time to recharge themselves. After three waves of continuous fighting - they needed it.

Astro - running low on ammo...

We took out another four waves of drones. I continually raised their HP (health points) as the waves continued to increase. The squad size of the drones was raised to it's highest setting (30) and the challenge got life threatening. My shields were close to failing and Astro was running out of options and energy...

...We had little choice to make one final attempt to take down the Beast itself.

Legendary Hero - Dustin!!
Our fearless friend, Dustin, took centre stage. With his dragon-blood running through his veins  he transformed himself into his Dragon form. He took in a deep breath and began swarming the battlefield with his terrifying and intense flames. Burning and melting every drone that tried to stop him, he saved his friends from the gruesome slaughter taking place - a true hero emerged within the Jedi-Dragon-Man today. Remember his name - Dustin Thunderstorm!

It makes you wonder. After all our efforts against all the drones - you still didn't see the outcome of the drones fate. Bullets flying everywhere, clips being ejected, new ones being inserted - and - not forgetting the flames: You can see below what happened to the metal foes.
Poor Drones...
Till next time on this special Tactical post!

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