Wednesday, 10 October 2012

United Races Of DS19

Its always been a thought that the best way to stimulate the actions of anything is to put it in plain sight and this has been done with some of the alien race avatars Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah Resident) has created with the assistance of Langy Moorlord. From the teleport points at DS19 and the bar, vendors have been placed with trek races like ferengi, orion, klingon, bajoran  Cardassian, Andorians etc with more scheduled to appear, plus an additional one for uniforms..

Over the week or so its been up we've seen a definite increase in alien races around the station giving it more of a trekkie feel as the region starts fleshing itself out as an area filled with different species.

I've certainly thought its always better to aid in a community being built by not trying to force an issue, but instead of requesting something, encouraging it, making the content available and watching as people naturally embrace it.

As more and more people encounter the placed avatar races available, the more they are selecting a race and becoming that character. I think it shows how its better not to tell people what they should choose, but instead give them the freedom to choose on their own, that way the expectation is your own and not someone elses.

Your character is what you created, not what someone else may feels should be placed, theres more investment over something you develop as then no one can tell you how you should be acting.

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