Friday, 5 October 2012

How We Celebrated TNG 25th Anniversary.

This weekend we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the series Star Trek: The Next Generation by having a set version of 10 forward made and placed in the Roddenberry Centre.  Throughout the weekend, people partied, hung out and reminisced about the series, crew and cast.

Everyone likes a bit of a dance including therabbit1971,Koreeah, Lillian Aries & Admiral (shake a leg) Cobramax.
There was a healthy stream of people coming through the bar door over the two days it was opened and actively manned, not only regulars came along but new people came down, enjoyed themselves and joined the group. The intention eventually would be to find a long term place for people to be able to access the bar when they feel like it, more than likely having it as a holodeck scene.

There was a little dare involved :)
Kudos to those that dare wear the man dress, Langy, Kal, Dustin and Snapper, we salute you.
Jaielan Resident created a copy of the skant outform which was a skirted outfit which could be worn by both men and women, so it was interesting to see which male avatars dared show their legs to the world and a couple took. the challenge.

For those who attended the bar over the festivities there were given a free geordie style visor primmed by Andy Ketterley.

Kal Aie models the free visor
This weekends General Meeting (GM) took place in a specially made set  based on Q's courtroom from the first TNG episode "Encounter At Farpoint". The meeting took the format of those reading their reports standing on a circular podium where a spotlight shines on them from above and they'd have to read their report in the manner of being interrogated by the Q. Once their reports were finished the rest of the attendees would be asked to vote if they were satisfied with the report by stating "aye" or "nay". It was a fun way of doing a GM and hopefully more of this kind of thing could be done in the future.

Sodak reading his report in the spotlight under the watchful eye of the GM chair
Quinn Game mastered a special TNG rp playing the role of  Jean-Luc Picard, the story had Wesley being kidnapped and the crew of the enterprise went on a mission to find him, it was later found that the Q's were involved and one of the continuum came to the ship and took their captain.

The rest of the crew were made to justify humanities existence by being teleported to Q's court and one by one asked to exonerate their actions in the spotlight, wrong answers could have them and the rest of the crew removed from existence in the universe, but fortunately the Q's took pity on them, regarding the crew of the enterprise as a backward mishmash of races who are likely to do more damage to themselves than others. The Q's sent both Wesley and the captain back to the nearest earth starbase and allowed the rest of the crew to return to their ship.

So many twists and turns to puzzle together in The Next Generation RP
Overall it was a fun weekend and congratulations to TNG for standing the test of time.

Photos of the events 

RP Log

Event credits:

10 Forward Engineers
langy moorlord, Ebitsu Cliffhanger, Richmerk Resident

Q's Court Engineers
Richardjrn Weatherwax, Noshoes Baran, Dave Fearguis, Songlord

TNG RP Game Master/players
Quinn Serupta (GM), snapper Desade (GM), hawaii lyre, ai kikuchiyo
Nathen Rexen, littleastro, Debbydo, Koreeah Resident (Kendra Mollsen)
Banker Ibor, Lillian Aries,Nevertheless1 Resident, Jin Aonifall

Andy Ketterley, Jaieden Resident, Koreeah Resident (Kendra Mollsen)

Bar Entertainment
Debbydo, snapper Desade

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