Monday, 3 September 2012

Hulk Attacks The GFC

As warned earlier the Hulk made its way through the deserted rezzed town shouting "Hulk Smash" and wrecking everything that came in its path. His destination was the location of the Fadm's Party on Saturday.

A small group of mercenaries from Tactical Division were sent to intercept the green mammoth  and take him down which was no mean task as trying to bring this humongous mountain to the ground was like throwing tooth picks at an elephant.

Kal Aie, Dustin Sunflower, BunE and BlueAgate, locked, loaded and strapped enough Arsenal to bring down a small country to take on the jolly green giant.

Erm....Ok, they attempted to take on the jolly green giant, the words "Hulk Smash" echoing down the streets and the constant images of mercenaries laying strewn across the ground wasn't an encouraging sight.

But they persevered, dug deep, strapped on a rocket launcher and eventually (I'm not going to say how long it took then)  brought  the grass coloured beast to his knees. With the Hulk defeated the party could go on unabated, our mercenaries hailed as heroes.

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