Saturday, 1 September 2012

More Ways To Connect To Each Other

Always the kind of people who like to innovate or at least try something new some of you may have noticed if your on Google+ that Social Events has used the feature to try out group invitations with Google Events for  Fadm Bixby's Birthday party, its a bit experimental to see how it goes and what can be done with it, but so far we can see possible benefits using the system with members of the GFC who are already in our G+ circle.

To explain how invites work abit more we've added a video below, maybe it could be a useful way of communicating info to specific divisions and members in the future.

You may remember we tested G+ last year and felt it had potential but needed a little maturing, we feel its pretty mature now and does offer many interesting features and find its actually much easier connecting with members than asking their email address or facebook accounts as its all linkes in with Google accounts which are used a lot for documentation in the GFC, it makes moving from one part of their system to another a lot more transparent and it all connects out of Gmail. Not to sound like a Google fanboy, it does make working on projects a lot easier as your not having to jump in and out of tones of unconnected systems.

Google hangout has been shown to be useful in sharing SL video footage using the shared screen option to other members who aren't in world at the time, there are potentials applications for that as well and we should be demoing some of this stuff here soon at some point.

Of course there is still Skype which is a popular and straightforward way of chatting with large numbers of people and is tried, tested and works well.

All of these adds to better ways of us communicating with each other in a faster more coherent way, lets see what we can make of it.


  1. *realises that she could have smiled for that poster* XD

    1. Your a hard assed superhero who has the world to save, no time for smiling :P