Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fadms Party And Changer Board

GFC members have always liked a good party and on 1st Sept there'll be another excuse for the fleet jiving in celebration of Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby's SL birthday. looking as young as the first day she rezzed she's chosen a super hero theme for her party and Jens Johnson has been busy putting the final touches to the set where he's created a city like street area with pictures of heroes and villains adorning the pavement .

Set created by Jens Johnson (Jailan Resident)
As it's a themed event guests are encouraged to detach those combadges and come dressed as the super hero of your own choosing. Who are you going to pick, superman, spiderman, other names with man in it or batgirl, catwoman, wonder woman or any other name which makes it clear your female.

Whoever you choose, slip into your lycra or PVC and come down to the Roddenberry Centre to join the festivities and wish the Fadm a happy birthday.

New poster site has gone up in the sandbox to help promote the event using a bigger size of poster on an automatic shape resizing system meaning the site reshapes itself to the size of the poster, Richardjrn Weatherwax was the creator of the poster technology while snapper Desade created the poster graphics which more reflect members and uses real SL content for the graphics.

Automated Poster Resizing Board Made By Richardjrn Weatherwax

Roddenberry Centre
1st September 2012
1pm SLT

For more details contact:
Social Events Lead

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