Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The House of K'Aie Arrives

Klingons Take over the embassy in Prospero Station

Like a thief in the night the sounds of bat'leth's metal on metal  echoed through the halls of DS19 Prospero Station, The house of K'Aie claimed their stake as the Empires mouthpiece for the area as they took control of the Klingon Embassy as their base of operations at the end of the wormhole. Throughout the week, members of the house have been stomping around the making their presence known, at one point the stations bar ran out of bloodwine and the chairs had to be nailed to the floor.

So you have been warned, the Klingons are here.... Noisy, violent, drunk, confrontational.

Kal "What do you mean you've run out of bloodwine"

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