Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hapless Dummies Take on Tactical

It has been said in whispered tones that the Tactical Division members are a hard nosed sort, they are the kind of people who line dummies up against walls and shoot them for target practice. This is what happened recently when an  impromptu shoot the stationary object events was called.

Many people turned up with a variety of lethal weapons to practice their aiming arm with, it wasn't all attacking stationary items though, a moving orb was thrown in the mix to create a travelling target giving the dummies a bit of rest bite.
By the time the event ended there were bits of dummy and explosive debris shattered around the tactical area, so if you hear huge explosions, see mushroom clouds or bits of dummy flying over the tactical area wall then it probably is only our crack team and guests letting off a little steam and bullets.

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