Friday, 27 July 2012

Wormhole's Appear throughout the GFC - Updated

Have you ever wanted to fly through a wormhole to a new location or dimension, well some of you may have notice a few wormholes appearing around the GFC estate, its not sure how they got there or if the Q's are involved but our research department think with a few modifications to GFC ships we could possibly navigate the phenomenon. 

If you see ship appearing through them, you know they've cracked it.

UPDATE: If you rezz your gryphon now you will get given a request to update to version 3.0. Once you have the new gryphon and fly into the wormhole, you'll see a drop down menu. Select the location you want and you'll be teleported to that area. Tip. Fly straight through the wormhold, no need to stop, 30%-50% is a good speed to enter the wormhole. 

Scripting: Richardjrn Weatherwax

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