Monday, 11 June 2012

GFC Bi-Annual Ball 2012...23rd June 2012

In front of the Sim Poster for the Ball and wearing Dr Chaotica and Captain Proton outfit free for members.
As the GFC Bi-Annual ball comes closer more details are being released, unless you haven't be inword and not received the group invite message the Ball will be held on June 23rd 2012.

The ball is held twice a year and its where medals are handed out for great service to all members and promotions for officers. There will be speeches, a specially made video created by GMTV, Event RP, Free giveaways, fireworks and a party and more.....

The theme for the ball is Captain Proton, not only is it one of the best ball sets created but it will have the most free content ever produced for a ball or possibly any GFC event ever. As of now there are at least 5 specially made outfits to wear, many during the event and a whole Avatar to give away, with a few gadgets thrown in.

Quite a few things will be planned for the ball on the day, more info closer the date and more articles will be published about it and the people who help make it happen as we get closer the event.

If you have any questions regarding the event please contact the Social Events lead Debbydo Resident.

So if its not in your calendar already:

GalaxyFleetCommand Presents
Bi-Annual Summer Ball 2012
23rd June 2012
Roddenbery Centre
Galaxy Sim

Location on the day HERE

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