Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Impromptu RP: USS Judicator This Week

A new impromptu RP will be winging its way to GFC this week.

This RP will be held at 9am SLT on Monday May 21st and will meet In the Aeon Sandbox bettween 8:30-8:45 am before moving up to the rp center. This Will be a mostly freeform RP. Until i have  my own set built we will be using the USS Ajax Set. This RP takes place in the timeline and universe of the MMO Star Trek Online.  I am hoping that there will be enough interest in this rp to make a it a continuing rp.

At the Begining of the RP Captain Garside and the crew of the USS Judicator are on a Mission to Patrol a previously uncharted section of space.  As they are exploring an Undine ship drops out of warp and hails them. After responding to the hail Captain Garside who is a Half Undine Half Cyborg who defected to the Federation is Accused of being a foul Half breed Traitior by the Undine aboard the enemy ship. The opposing Undine powers up there weapons after deploying a new technology that prevents federation ships from warp jumping. What ensues afterwards is open to unfold in the RP.

Available  positions Positions may be researved before the rp by IMing Me Hakimba Firehawk before the rp otherwise they will be called out before the rp starts on Monday.

Positions are available below

Captain:Hakimba Firehawk (Flower Garside)


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