Saturday, 14 April 2012

Don't trust the pilot ... especially if he is a hologram!!

Exhibit A - a partially embedded MRU

Exhibit B - The outcome of the Pegasus Incident

Have you ever thought about, each time you board a shuttle, plane, helicopter about the fact that you are placing your entire future into the hands of one person .... the pilot? Well Debbydo, Snapper, BlackRosePhantom and myself obviously weren't when we decided to go for a trip on the Mobile Research Unit (MRU) and asked the collection of photons known as Richardjrn Weatherwax to fly us somewhere.

In a moment of binary confusion (I don't know whether a 1 became a 0 or a 0 became a 1), the photonic pilot issued the command to warp to 3000 instead of orbit 3000 with the impending result that the MRU became embedded in the cliffs at the edge of Galaxy (see exhibit A above). In a scene reminiscent of TNG's "The Pegasus" some of us were entombed in the cliff, others partially entombed and some completely unscathed.

I thought Starfleet had learned it's lesson from the USS Pegasus and it's phased cloak technology (exhibit B above). So question is .... has Weatherwax gone mad and introduced phase technology in the MRU illegally, or is there something going on we should know about? Where's Security and JAG when you need them?


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  1. Illegal? Noooo.... Legal? Maybe... Mad? YES!!!!!! *laughs insanely*