Sunday, 15 April 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Ahhhhh......... you logged onto the site and thought what the hell's happened, has debby totally lost the plot...well, of course she has, but that's not why your screaming, its probably because of the changes in the blog. Come on, you know, we do that every so often

But yeah this seems abit of a major upheaval.  Its been something we have been thinking of doing for sometime, but always has been about getting round to it. So, it lookes like we've got round to it, but don't think this is the final look, infact its more of a case of trying stuff out and seeing how it goes, so please feel free to send feed back about whether you like the changes or not and what you may like to see here.

We've focused on participation, not only with the social network buttons but also a twitter channel where you can get the latest updates and send messages, so feel free to follow us on twitter i'm sure the team will be up for a laugh on that. Of cause there are the facebook like and share buttons, Google plus press me and wonder what it actually does button with other social networks group chucked in like wood to a fire.

We've added a Star Trek twitter feed on the sidebar to get some of the latest news from the trek universe already noticed some interesting information on there.

We have extended the calandar info to not just a pulldown menu with 10 timezones accessable in two clicks but also a larger at a glance calendar which gives you an immediate view using secondlifetime, additionally we've added a clock above its so you can see how close you are to an event.

Changes will be made over the next couple of days, so it all could look totally different again so check the sidebar and tell us what you think by leaving a comment in the section below. Feel free to click the facebook like button, follow us on twitter, google+ or any other of the social networks share buttons.

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