Monday, 16 April 2012

Contact on sensors

In the late hours of duty, DS19 picked up an unknown ship entering from the wormhole; the ship was of unknown configuration and promptly attacked DS19, knocking shields down to 50% with one swift torpedo. The normally silent shift then rushed to attention as the station began to suffer further damage. The ship began to  encircle the station, picking off a Bajoran trade vessel as it attempted to escape from danger.

The Executive Officer addresses the CO about the Klingon

To the shock and horror of the DS19 Ops. crew, another ship entered through the wormhole. The Klingon battle-cruiser claimed that the unknown ship was property of the klingon Empire; the unknown vessel, upon discovering that its master was close by, chose to hide among the wreckage of the destroyed Bajoran trade vessel. DS19 ceased the moment of advantage and fired a high volley of torpedoes with intent to destroy the propulsion system of the ship - with success.

The Klingon Captain transported on-board, and further added to the mystery - this Klingon was not part of the Empire!

The crew of DS19, surprised by a Klingon visitor!

The Klingon ambassador stationed in the embassy on the lower decks of DS19 demanded an audience with the rogue Klingon; who disappeared into the embassy, and despite several screams, was never heard again.

Say to say, Starfleet partied hard after surviving...

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