Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New Broacast Group Name Competition.

Klingon forces have intercepted a subspace message decoded from a GFC assumed secret channel, the message read:

"Heres your chance to make a difference in galactic history...

Send in your suggestions for a NAME  for our radio broadcasts to Robobby McMillan.  This contest runs till Feb 29 and the winner will get 2 weeks free in one of the Galaxy homes skyboxes.  :)"

Message was signed by an Admiral Cobramax Mechanique.

Not wanted to be left out a cloaked bird of prey crept its way through GFC defenses and parked itself outside one of  the fore mentioned Sky boxes. They sent a one man away team member to investigate the residence and he reported back his findings

"It has selectable backdrops, security systems and media capabilities sir".

The Klingon captain mused over this information and thought it would be honorable to compete in this competition so they passed suggestions round.

"The Empire radio"
"Good day to listen"
"Sound of Qo'noS "
"Gagh rock"

If you can think of anything better (that shouldn't be hard), drop  RoBobby McMillan (yes with a capital B, rolls eyes) an IM and send in your suggestions. Remember, closing date is Feb 29th.

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