Sunday, 8 January 2012

Klingon Kapture!

Kal Aie - NEW Lead of Tactical
As you all know - the position for being the Lead of the Tactical division has been in the open for quite some time. Well, today I bring thy people of GFC some news!

Lieutenant Kal Aie was awarded the position after our beloved Admiral Cobramax Mechanqiue made the final decision early this morning. This follows as the Klingon strolled into the Sandbox and cheerfully broke the news to his comrades!

That cheerful and polite Klingon (is there any other kind? ^_^) declared that he was the new lead of the Tactical division. However, there was more to come. In his babble, he spoke the following:

"The admiral appointed me tactical lead this morning. There should be official announcement, but I'm proud to inform my closest friends right here and right now that my first act is to nominate Dustin and Sophie as assistant leads to the tactical group."

Dustin, the eager and friendly guy that he is - has been Assistant Lead of Tactical for quite some time now. But it's good to always have someone there to back him up and help him right? Frankly, I was surprised to hear that Kal had made me the other Assistant Lead.
Sophie Johnson - Assistant Lead of Tactical
Dustin Thunderstorm - Assistant Lead of Tactical

Klingons usually sing songs and speak of the glorious tales that wreack from victory. I can imagine that this Kapture by our resident Klingon should prove to be the challenge that desevers the song and story...wouldn't you agree?


  1. that's great Soph and congrats to all

  2. Your words honor me, Sophie. Glory will be ours with such great team. Qapla'!