Saturday, 7 January 2012

An explosive Final Class

Katie Zwilling needed to take the OTS Final Class, in order for her to graduate and become an Ensign. And so, she came to me. Now as you all know, I've come up with many original and interesting Final Classes, and today was no exception. Poor Katie...

I started the class with a statement. "I will get right down to business: there is a bomb in GFC!" Well, that got her attention. It was up to Cadet Zwilling to get a team, find the bomb and disarm it if possible. Oh, and it was on a timer: it'd explode in 15 minutes. Not a lot of time...

Now the bomb was in Galaxy, but Cadet Zwilling didn't know that. So she hurried out of the classroom to collect her team. As she sent them off throughout the sims, the bomb kept on ticking...

Finally, she and her team found the bomb. There were only a few minutes remaining... what to do? There was no way to disarm it. There wasn't much time for talking either. Finally Cadet Zwilling made the choice: Richardjrn Weatherwax was a hologram, made out of photons and forcefields. If his matrix could be reprogrammed to function as a forcefield to contain this bomb's blast, GFC might be saved!

At literally the last second, the modifications were complete. Congratulations Cadet Zwilling, you saved GFC *and* passed the OTS Final Class! Well done!

Tune in next time, for another evil, thrilling, funny or any other kind of OTS Final Class!

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