Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Winter wonder sim land

Winter has come to the GFC good and proper as the place is now covered in snow. The only indication anything was happening was some weather report stating there was a cold front and blizzard on its way hitting the galaxy fleet command estate and laying down a sheet of snow and ice. Even the lake in sovereign had frozen over and people started ice skating using the free skates which have kindly been made available. For me, skates are for girl, so i strapped on my goggles and a pair of bass ass skis.

So if you have some spare time come down, slap a pair of skates, skis or whatever icy paraphernalia you have while doing your best torvil and dean impression.


  1. Skis, on ice?

    I absolutely hate sports, but even I know that skis go on snow :p

  2. Turn the Sandbox into an ICE RINK! *evil laugh*

  3. I flew off the snow straight onto the ice, does it look like i'm in control there :p

    And I'm sticking by that excuse.