Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gryphon gunned down in JCS AAC demo

Sundays AAC event was the first chance for research to test out Lt. Richardjrn Weatherwax's new JCS meter. This will hopefully replace the present hp meter system giving us cool features like the ability for air to land combat.

To help test this out monkeyman jumped into the newly equipped gryphon 2.5 and the rest of us were on land armed with only a handguns or rifles. The beauty of this device is it works with most available weapons system with little to no modification.

If monkeyman thought he was going to get the better of us ground troops then he could think again as we rained his gryphon down more than a few times in a hail of pulse rifle fire.

We also subjected the poor turret to more abuse, and it wasn't long before we left its chard smokey remains burning by the side of the grass. All in all it was a great event and a precursor to a planned AAC Vs Tactical event where we should see the system used to its fullest.

When will poor turret get a break?

More photos HERE

AAC Events:

Sunday 9am SLT*
Wednesday 6pm SLT*
Friday 3:30pm  SLT*

* Secondlife time/pst

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  1. poor turret D: poor gryphon D: poor.... turphon? dun dun duunnnnn D: