Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Party

The holidays have arrived! You would think that all members of GFC are taking it easy, resting in the sandbox after working very hard. But no... there are always those who push on. Take Cadet Monkeyman Firethorn for instance. Not only had he taken most of the Officer Training School classes in record time, he also requested an impromptu OTS Final Class on Christmas Eve!

So, I gave it to him. Spirit of Christmas, and all. His task: to organise a Christmas Party in the Fifth Pip. He only had a little over an hour...

Monkeyman did a great job!
And he pulled it off! Many people came to help, and under Monkeyman's leadership, a great party was started. When he left, we continued until the late hours... well, late for me, that was. But it was worth it! Great party indeed.

Merry Christmas and other assorted holidays, folks! Hope you have a few good days! :D

FADM Bixby helped out as well!

Isn't that some nice decorating?

People were having fun!

Monkeyman and Isobel, after Monkeyman had heard he passed the Final Class!

Merry Christmas!

Ze DJ, who become sillier and sillier as the night progressed... the sweater says it all, right?

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