Wednesday, 23 November 2011

To DS19 in a blimp

There are times when I think to myself... 'what if', followed by some crazy scenario. This usually happens when I'm bored, like earlier today. "What if," I thought to myself, "I rezzed this small blimp and went all the way to DS19?"

Of course, transporting there would be much easier, but where would the fun be in that? So, I stood onto my blimp, left the Sandbox, entered Sovereign, and went up... up... and up some more!

Up, up, and up some more!
I went so far that I passed the USS Paris. By that time the air had disappeared, so I quickly put on my Starfleet issue spacesuit. I went up some more, realising that this blimp might have been the strangest vehicle the Paris' sensors had picked up in ages. Well, except for the paper plane. And the personal helicopter. And... Never mind.

Strange vehicle? Nah...
Finally, I reached DS19's sensor range. The officers on duty had to be pretty astonished to see a single guy on a small blimp, next to this gigantic spacestation.

Small blimp, big station.
About to dock...
I was just about to dock, when I noticed something from the corner of my eyes. That is the thing with blimps: they don't have sensor arrays, so I had to move in closer to find out what this 'something' actually was. To my surprise, I passed into the Constellation sim. And then I saw it...

Then I saw it... this doesn't look right?
The insides of DS19, without any floors! I noticed the AAC's base, the promenade... even Quark's bar! It was an interesting sight, to be sure.

However, I wouldn't recommend going there. Not only do you fall through where the floors used to be... the service in the second Quark's is horrible. I didn't even get offered a drink! Not that it would have made any difference of course: if I'd take off my helmet to take a sip, I'd suffocate...Apparently, for a successful bar, you'd need an atmosphere.

Lousy bar!
Who'd have thought?

DS19 version 2!