Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Time to Move on.

A New Project?

The Blog was probably one of the first Projects that I got involved with and now it's time to say good-bye. It's quite a saddening thought to leave this behind but things change, people change and sometimes new adventures await.

Please don't mistakenly think I am leaving GFC because I'm not. I am just leaving the blogging team to the exceptional people who run it. Rumor has it Strategic Operations is having a re-fit.

Of course, leaving GFC news is a big thing for me because I've been a part of it since it first started. Been a part of the team. Over time I have had less and less time to focus on this which caused me to distance myself from the whole team.

My focus is needed elsewhere at the moment so I am making a mature decision to leave this in capable hands. It's strange how things suddenly change and a new world is born. Priorities change and you find yourself wanting something different.

Congratulation to the whole of the team and happy blogging for the future.

My pleasure!! Jimmy Vehrous.

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