Thursday, 17 November 2011


It's strange how one thing often leads to another. One moment we're all just standing in the Aeon Sandbox, talking about vehicles and bikes and so on, the next I'm suddenly organising a race between Sophie Johnson and Richardjrn Weatherwax. Apparently Sophie thought she was faster than Richardjrn, on a bike. Well, why not prove that?

Sophie vs. Richardjrn

It was an exciting race... well, exciting in seeing that Sophie got stuck at the first corner, while Richardjrn was having some trouble with the sim crossings. Other than that, I didn't really see where they went, and only noticed GFC's resident hologram coming towards the finishline...


...trouble with simcrossings...
However, at that moment, SL decided to be a pain in the proverbial backside, and most of us had to shut down the program, and start it up again. When I did, Sophie claimed she had seen Richardjrn arrive, which meant she had been first. Since this couldn't be verified, the race ended rather disappointingly, in 'Both of you could be the winner'.

It was rather difficult to race anyway, with all those simcrossings, the racers admitted. "So why not race in small cars in the Library?" I suggested. At first everyone was just looking at me, but when I rezzed the small cars in question, you could almost see the twinkling in their eyes.

Demeter Slade, Sophie Johnson, Richardjrn Weatherwax, JD Matova and myself went  to the Library to race, most of us using the small cars, while the Commodore proved that a hoverbike worked just as well. Ah, great fun.

...racing in the Library...
Something tells me I'll have to make the Library car-proof, in the near future... or at least do something about those exhaust fumes. They're really bad for the books, you know.


  1. raise hands all who want a permanent track in the library :p

  2. *raises hand*

    Also, say "AYE" for a proper built racing track somewhere in GFC. Big enough for bikes, cars etc. But not in Aeon as it crashes too much. :D