Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gibraltar RP and the Away Team Project goes fully interactive

Massive set, huge movable objects and puzzles....How will they get pass the monstrous blades

The crew of the Gibraltar flew again this Monday in special RP event with sets created by Lt Richardjrn Wetherwax for Researches Away Team Project. One aspect of the project isn't  just to create RP sets on demand but original sets and well.

Richard put together an original experimental set with puzzles, navigation of  moving objects and interaction with the environment more than just clicking a few buttons to change textures on a the screen or playing a simple sounds sample.

This set featured ledges to jump, beams to walk across, giant fans to pass, puzzles to solve and a nice surprise at the end .

The videos below feature a multitude of small clips which will autoplay one after the other so sit back and watch how immersive RPing can be made and expect more coming from the Away Team Project and RP's like the Gibraltar very soon.

Full RP story HERE
Sophie Johnson (hydregion resident) Characters view HERE

RP set created by the away team project.

Click to view Pictures
Gibraltar RP interactive set Weatherwax

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