Tuesday, 15 November 2011

AAC v the borg

You must know by now I'm a big fan of the AAC events, for us Europeans a week or so ago was an added bonus due to the clocks going back, so the events started an hour early.

The missions on that Wednesday was to take our brave pilots on what some said was suicide, other called
"pure madness" and some wasted no time in writing letters to loved one before venturing out.

This mission was simple, find the large delta flyer, enter it and take out the borg.
We were transported to the AAC's off estate outpost and donned our tactical gear.

Phaser rifle..... Check
HP meter......... Check
Last will & testimony.... Check.

Like lambs to the slaughter we were told to make a line of two and jump from the platform pulling our parachutes at around 2,300 meters steering ourselves towards the Delta Flyer which lay below.
Not everyone made the first jump, I'm sure I heard the distinctive sound of SPLAT when debbydo jumped.
Those who landed on the delta flyer made there way down to the backend of the ship and up some stairs into the belly of the vessel were they were met with hostile resistance from the Borg.

Pulse rifles flaired and the borg beared down on the brave gfc volunteers. You could smell chard metal as the platoon went from room to room clearing as many borgs as they could muster until non of the collective remained.

Our hero stood and took the obligatory photo and then decided their victory was so sweet they should celebrate by returning to GFC's constellation sim with some well deserved r&r at the 501 club and boogie to some 80's music to dance away the memory of the borg.

More pictures HERE

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  1. "I heard a few distant SPLAT's when Debbydo landed."

    LOL! Snapper's gonna get wrong! :D