Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Defend and Destroy

The AAC events aren't like your normal weekly rp event in the fact it's usually headed by a different person every week, this time was the turn of Kaori to take to the leaders podium and brief the team on a Sunday event.

The event in question was defend and destroy. Gokyu and Sodak were made team leaders and took it in turns to select their teams. I was kind of proud I wasn't too far down the pecking order for selection.

Gokyu's Red Team was tasked to defend ds19 from the attacks launched from the Sodak's Green Team based at the USS Paris.

The two rounds were a tight affair, much bobbing and weaving commenced and many ships could be seen dropping out of the sky the way shot down planes do.

The competition ended in stalemate. So it was decided to end the event by jumping out of the nearest airlock to the grounds outside the tactical area  for a group photo.

The GFC can feel safe that their crack pilots would be ready to protect those sim boarders from those who may come from the land beyond the GFC.

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AAC Defend and Destroy

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