Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Away Missions Set to Return??

Return to Botany Bay!!

A while back I released a story that showed you the events of an away mission to a SIM called Al Raqis.

Now, this was part of a Project known as OPFOR which has since closed it's operations temporarily. However does that mean that we should not enjoy some of the events that this organization discovered?


Yesterday Jimmy Vehrous (Me) and Debbydo ventured back to Botany Bay which has since moved to a new SIM, and boy has that placed changed.

What you see above is the new renovated colony that housed corrupt government and mercenaries. As we approached the 'New' colony we expected a whole different atmosphere, however not 10 minutes after landing in the campus we were attacked from behind!

We were knocked out and placed into what seemed like stasis pods, but they were actually used to torture subjects. Of course the torturing was only a second function of these devices. We withheld all Galaxy Fleet related information from our attackers and though the torture was rather difficult to bare, we both held on with our morals in tact!

Before long our attackers realised that we were not going to release any information and placed us into storage. A few hours later an elite force sent from DS19 rescued us both, took us back to the station and the Doc told us we were fit for duty!

Sound like a good Laugh??

Well, have no fear. Plans are already taking place to bring your right back into the action and bring away missions back to Galaxy Fleet Command.

If the aliens won't come to us, then we will have to go to them!

Keep an eye out for any new information on this!!

Jimmy Vehrous.

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  1. thanks brilliant love it
    cant wait for an rp idea winks