Monday, 31 October 2011

Medical Transport Ship

Every good medical facility should have a transport triage ship for those times where red shirts are injured in the line of duty. Lovevamp Resident was putting a new medical set through its paces and some how I ended up as the victim...erm...patient while testing this new piece of equipment. 

7 of 9 (Zannadu Resident) aided her in this inaugural medical exam, which I would have to say I was concerned about. She may have broken ties with the collective but I didn't really want to wake up with a bunch of second hand borg attachments hanging off my limbs.

As for the medical facility, it was roomy and boasted many stations for people to work at, a variety of beds, animated medical screens and buttons which go bleep when you press them, what self respecting set doesn't have one of those.

So watch out for this set in future RP's on a fleet battle zone near you soon.

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