Sunday, 30 October 2011

CWC Wolverine RP premiere

Captains Log: CWC Wolverine RP 

The ship was in Space dock being prepared from launch.

We received a distress call from a science ship in the asteroid field near the Planet Dibou. When we arrived the ship was heavly damaged and all the Crew missing,  I assigned Dustin Sunflower to take a shuttle to the ship and look for any survivors , several minutes later Dustin called in reporting he found no one on-board, but suddenly Kal Aie reported a Cardassian ship had appeared on his sensor station and was approaching on an intercept course, I quickly ordered Dustin and the shuttle back to the ship and called battle stations, we were on red alert!!!!

It didn't take long for the Cardassian's to attack with out question or warning, I ordered tactical to raise shields and  returned fire, the enemy ship was slightly damage as we target their weapons array and they left the area. Blooded yes, but I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see them again in the near future.

We returned to Starbase Alpha to repair the minor hull damage caused by the fire fight and gave the crew a deserved breaks from the excitement of earlier.

My next RP will be to investigate a derelect ship Abandon in the Asteroid field near Planet Dibou.

Time to be announced soon.

Captain Damian firecaster
CWC Wolverine

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