Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween GFC 2011

12 noon second life time may not have been the bewitching hour but all manner a strange creature crawled out of whatever place they crawl from and made their way to the spooky set Social Event and Xenomusicology had erected. When you first enter Constellation you were welcomed to a ominous looking dome. On venturing inside a creepy ghost make its presence felt and as your run away from the spook you could see figures in the distance, could that be people dancing you wondered.

Through the airy forest you go, traversing uncut foliage to the graveyard where member were already stamping their feet to commodores Falo's set. There were costumed revelers a plenty, from ghost, beasts, skeletons, vodoo witch doctors and  a host of horror characters. Even a Dalek missing the wrong turn somewhere in the universe ending up parking itself next to some headstones no doubt wondering if it could exterminate what had already been exterminated, though itself was in danger of extermination based on some  nutty weapon insinuation, so bizarre in its nature the instigator should have spend more time worrying about stray particles causing more harm but predictably quietness fell on that one as usual.

Costume Winner
FADM Bixby
With all the costumes on show it would have been remiss not have an outfit competition and we weren't disappointed, oh no no, a large board was place in the foggy corner of the yard so we could choose our favorite scary apparel , Fadm Bixby received the most votes for her pink poker dot number with cute wings.

Halloween at the GFC started with a bang, couple of moans and a few screams. This was only the start of a full weekend of spooky going on's, the fright had only just begun.


Halloween GFC 2011 Pictures

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